About Us

At WiZ Events, we believe that every idea, talent, and passion should be known and easy enough to promote. Nowadays, there's so much going on that it may seem underwhelming to commit to any of these. That's why our goal is to help EntrepreneursBusinesses, and Trendsetters promote their events in the simplest way possible.

Our belief is that promoting or finding something meaningful and fun shouldn't be hard. We want our users to find some of the great things they might've missed by letting them know what's going on in their community and connecting them with like-minded people in the process of it.

Why Us?

What makes us different from other media platforms is that we want to be out there with our user-base. We are constantly working on different ways to interact with our audience while helping them promote their events in their respective communities. Everybody who is a part of WiZ Events believes in the talent, passion, and drive these communities have to offer. From education, entrepreneurship, art, music, and business--- we wish to help our users one event post at a time!

Make It Happen

Have an idea for an event?
Provide the details on a post.
A pin will indicate where your event is taking place.
Users can now know when your event is occurring.

What Our Members Say

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